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You have worked for decades to build and grow your assets. You want happiness, financial freedom, and peace of mind – especially for retirement.  We help you maintain your lifestyle, preserve your wealth and create your legacy. 

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Over more than four decades, we have guided hundreds of retirees to create and adapt Lifetime Wealth Solutions and strategies during times of inflation, deflation, good markets, flat markets, negative markets, health challenges, family problems, divorce, death, and dozens of other obstacles. Swofford Financial stands shoulder to shoulder with you, reassessing your short term setbacks to help ensure they do not derail your long term vision plan.

Your Invitation:

Now is the time to make informed and inspired decisions so you can love your life, leave your legacy, and feel clear and confident that you are on the right path with the right trusted advisor to welcome results you have worked a lifetime to enjoy.If you love what you’ve read so far, call us today at 865-690-0049 to arrange a mutually convenient time to chat. We can’t wait to continue the conversation and journey forward together in service to your success and happiness in retirement.